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One curiosity after another



1.  Richard Gillespie interview on the AHA blog, on public education programs.  This is the first post in the series “Jobs and Careers in History,” which interviews people doing a variety of work with their history degrees.  I’d recommend poking around to see other posts in the series.

2.  An essay on the boundary between writing journalism and academic history for people considering the pros and cons of each.

3.  The academic jobs clearinghouse.

4.  Statistics on university faculty positions.

5.  Beyond Academe – educates historians on career options outside academia.

6.  Versatile PhD has job info, discussions, panels on preparing for various careers outside academia.  Though founded by a historian, it’s for graduate students and PhDs generally. And, caveat… the best resources are only available to institutional subscribers, so you’ll get a lot more out of it if you can use it through a subscribing institution.  It’s worth a look if you’re an unattached person, but best used as a student or faculty member.