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One curiosity after another

Background reading in American History

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Taking a course in regional history can be tough if you don’t have a strong undergrad background in US history.  If you don’t, or you just want a quick refresher, here are some suggestions: — for a good grasp of the major events and peoples in American history, taking a look at a balanced survey textbook like Out of Many is a good idea.  Read through the table of contents.  Do you remember most of it?  If there’s an area that seems unfamiliar, read that section.  If you plan to continue studying American history, or teach it, having a textbook on hand is very useful.  Everyone forgets what, say, the Lecompton Constitution was from time to time, and having a reference to go to will help with your work in many classes.  If you can’t find one in the...

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Archives and Expectations

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When my oldest was nearly four, and I was getting used to having his brother around too, I used to worry. I know Big Guy so well, thought I. He’s so much like me. It’s like I understand everything about him. But this Boo-child…he’s different. He’s not so much like me. I don’t know how I’m going to understand him. He’s opaque to me. What do I do? Now Boo is four, and Big Guy is eight, and Big Guy is opaque to me. He won’t tell me about his day; he won’t tell me what he’s thinking. Not until he bursts into angry tears at some parental or fraternal injustice do I know what he’s feeling. And I’m 100% sure there are lots of other feelings in there I’m not allowed to know about. I haven’t a clue...

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