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Suicide, Bullying, Sleep, and the Race to Nowhere

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photo credit Terri Miles, This week, a girl in our region ran away for several days, hiding out in an abandoned building through days of snow while the town and the FBI searched for her on foot and with helicopters. They found her yesterday. I don’t know the family and suspect the news media don’t know why exactly she ran away. One paper reported that children they interviewed said the girl had been bullied and wanted to run away because she knew her parents would make her go to school and she couldn’t take it anymore. Parent gossip this morning – said to be from a morning news show I didn’t see and can’t confirm- is that the girl’s father said she was stressed out about the CMTs – the CT Mastery Tests that determine schools’ progress or...

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New Yorker pieces written by a professional historian

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These are written by Jill Lepore, who has written academically about King Philip’s War and slavery in 18th-century Manhattan, among other topics.  She started an English major, went into American studies, and is now the chair of History and Literature at Harvard.  So she’s as academic as you can get – but also is a great example of how historical research training can allow you to comment well on a host of other topics in the non-academic world.   Note how these pieces aren’t precisely history – they use history to illuminate a interesting topic. on Tea Parties, Boston and otherwise On writing about George Washington On the invention of parenthood On sex education On children’s...

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