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One curiosity after another

New Yorker Article example

Posted in Activism, Creative Nonfiction, History, Social Media, Writing | Comments Off on New Yorker Article example

Although you can browse around in the reporting and essays section for more examples of the kind of article we’re talking about, this week’s essay by Malcolm Gladwell uses history to ask questions about modern social activism, Facebook, and...

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Colorado River Drying Up

Posted in Environmental History, The West, Water | Comments Off on Colorado River Drying Up

A seven-state negotiation will decide if Arizona and Nevada get even less of the water still left....

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Mexican Immigration Reactions

Posted in Immigration, The West, Water | Comments Off on Mexican Immigration Reactions

George, or anyone interested in SW immigration, there’s an article in the NYTimes today on the practice of leaving water for immigrants crossing through the Arizona desert, and how the state/border patrol is reacting to it....

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Paper Topics

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Here you guys should post your ideas for your papers, so we will know your interests and be able to post links to anything relevant we run across in the course of the semester.  I’m not sure if the group blog format will let you edit this post and just include the information here.  If it does, great.  Otherwise, put your plans in the comment...

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Background reading in American History

Posted in History, Research, Western History | Comments Off on Background reading in American History

Taking a course in regional history can be tough if you don’t have a strong undergrad background in US history.  If you don’t, or you just want a quick refresher, here are some suggestions: — for a good grasp of the major events and peoples in American history, taking a look at a balanced survey textbook like Out of Many is a good idea.  Read through the table of contents.  Do you remember most of it?  If there’s an area that seems unfamiliar, read that section.  If you plan to continue studying American history, or teach it, having a textbook on hand is very useful.  Everyone forgets what, say, the Lecompton Constitution was from time to time, and having a reference to go to will help with your work in many classes.  If you can’t find one in the...

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